Make a Product that we believe "Cool".

That's the policy of GRAMAS and the commitment of Sakamotoradio never change forever and ever.

The origin of GRAMAS

There was no iPhone case that we really want to get when iPhone first appeared in Japan.

"What do we do? Just make it !" That's the starting point of GRAMAS.

Brand name "GRAMAS" comes from "Grand Masterpeace" which means "supreme product".


To be the Brand propose your lifestyle

We were seeking the stylish case which is perfect for a suit and finally Book type leather case was born and that bocame our representative product of GRAMAS.

This belief never changes even after 10 years anniversary passed and still keep on seeking new product that we believe "the most stylish in the world".

GRAMAS proposes fashion and lifestyle with not only iPhone cases but leather accessories in other wordsWe'd like to enrich the life of customer by producing our stylish product.