Privacy Policy

Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd (called "Sakamoto Radio" as follow) recognizes the importance of security control for the personal information regardless of the customer's or business partners. As a company handling the personal information, Sakamoto Radio takes responsibilities to maintain the personal information data from all customers (called "the customers" as follow) provided to Sakamoto Radio fairly and appropriately as well as observing and complying with laws and regulations regarding the personal information in developing better products and improved services.
We are aware that security control of the personal information and maintaining the customers' trust are our social responsibilities, and we practice the following actions.

The Purpose of Use for personal information

Sakamoto Radio uses the personal information provided directly from the customers for the following purposes.

  1. Inform about new products, events and campaigns.
  2. Offer information about Sakamoto Radio products and various services including repairs and user support.
  3. Request from questionnaires regarding products and services, and gathering statistical data from the questionnaires responses.
  4. Shipments such as a product, a catalogue, or a gift product.

Every time Sakamoto Radio collects the personal information from the customers, it exhibits a purpose of use (called "The Purpose of Use" as follow) and as a general rule.
However, Sakamoto Radio may not exhibit The Purpose of Use the case a purpose of use is obvious when it obtains the personal information from the customer.
In the above case, Sakamoto Radio limits its use within the range of the clear purposes.

Control of personal information

Sakamoto Radio employs a personal information management representative and performs an appropriate control for the following conditions and as instructed.

  1. In order to prevent a leak of personal information, falsification, loss and purpose use. Sakamoto Radio strictly controls personal information according to applicable laws, regulations, guidance and company policies established by Sakamoto Radio.Further, Sakamoto Radio provides the necessary education and training to its employees regarding the proper control and handling of personal information.
  2. In the case of providing personal information sent to subcontractor, Sakamoto Radio minimizes the content of personal information and selects only subcontractors who are trusted with the handling of personal and sensitive information properly based on Sakamoto Radio requirements.Sakamoto Radio enforces that proper control is maintained by the subcontractors, which personal information is safely maintained. Reassignment and use out of the purpose is prohibited.
  3. Evaluation, policy review and the security control system including the pertinent rules for personal information are periodically and continuously performed in order to work on improvements.

The Purpose of Use information

Sakamoto Radio does not disclose personal information other than for the Purpose of Use and except for the following:

  1. There is consent from the customer.
  2. Disclosing in the condition that a customer is not able to be identified (statistical data, etc.)
  3. Using personal information other than The Purpose of Use is permitted by applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

Change the Purpose of Use for personal information

If Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd changes the Purpose of Use it is assumed to be reasonable by customers, except stated by laws and regulations, the company notifies or announces the changes of the Purpose of Use to its customers.

Disclosing personal information to a third party

Any personal data Sakamoto Radio Co., LTD maintains is not provided to a third party without the customer's consent in advance as a general rule, except in case of notifying the following sections to the customer in advance, or as described below.

  1. The fact that providing to a third party is the Purpose of Use.
  2. The items of the personal information that are provided to a third party.
  3. The means or methods of providing personal information to a third party.
  4. Suspending to provide customer's personal data to a third party if requested by the customer.
  5. There is the consent from the customer.
  6. Disclosing in the condition that a customer is not able to be identified (statistical data, etc.)
  7. In case Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd discloses to agencies or subcontractors (called "Subcontractors" as follow), who are obligated to keep confidentiality for Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd, to accomplish the Purpose of Use within the necessary requirements.
  8. In case Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd discloses to Subcontractors, when it is reasonably appropriate to respond from Subcontractors, due to the content of the inquiry or the requested documents from a customer.
  9. In case our company discloses to a successor, when our company as a whole or partially, is merged, split-up or transferred business to its successor.
  10. In case it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
  11. In case of handling personal information is especially necessary for improving public health or promoting the healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
  12. In case it is necessary to cooperate with the government, local public entities, or the organization delegated by the authorities to accomplish the duties by laws and regulations, and obtaining customer's consent might affect the accomplishment of duties.

Consignment of personal information

A whole or partial personal data which Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd maintains may be consigned to a third party, within the necessary requirements for the achievement of the Purpose of Use.

If the personal information is consigned to a third party, the company provides necessary and appropriate supervision on the contractor in order to maintain the personal information properly.

Sharing personal information

If the personal data Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd maintains is shared with an authorized third party, the company notifies in advance or announces the following sections to its customers.

  1. The items in the customer's personal data that is shared.
  2. The range of the authorized shared users.
  3. Every purpose of personal data that is shared.
  4. The full name or title of the person having responsibility for managing the customer's personal data that is shared.

Inquire about personal information

Please contact our inquiry center if you need to inquire about your own personal information, request a change, or update your personal information. We will provide a response based on our standard procedure as long as it is reasonable.On occasion described above, we may need verification from the customer to assure the customer is valid in order to prevent any personal information from being acquired fraudulently or falsification by a third party,
Please understand we might not be able to respond if we cannot identify you as a customer.
It should be noted that we record or monitor customer's calls at our support center in order to improve or control our quality of our products or support services.

Handling for customer's opinions or requests

Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd can freely use the opinions, requests and suggestions sent to the company unless otherwise indicated in the Purpose of Use.
However, we do not disclose any information to the public or the third parties without customer's consent in advance if the customer is able to be identified.

Compliance of laws and regulations

Sakamoto Radio Co., Ltd complies with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the rules that are established in the company regarding all personal information.

May 31, 2007 (Inquiry Center)